Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin

  • Dates
  • 12 Kas 1833 - 27 Şub 1887
  • Works
  • 17
  • Notalar
  • 73


Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin (Russian: Алекса́ндр Порфи́рьевич Бороди́н; IPA:  ( listen), 12 November 1833 – 27 February 1887) was a Russian Romantic composer of Georgian origin, as well as a doctor and chemist. He was one of the prominent 19th century composers known as The Mighty Handful, a group dedicated to producing a uniquely Russian kind of classical music, rather than imitating earlier Western European models.
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Aleksandr Borodín, bg:Александър, Бородин, cs:Alexandr Porfirjevič, Borodin, de:Alexander Porfirjewitsch, Borodin, eo:Aleksandr Porfirjeviĉ, Borodin, fr:Alexandre, Borodine, ko:알렉산드르, 보로딘, hr:Aleksandar, Borodin, it:Aleksandr Porfir'evič, Borodin, he:אלכסנדר בורודין, ka:ალექსანდრე ბოროდინი, ku:Aleksandr, Borodîn, lt:Aleksandras, Borodinas, hu:Alekszandr Porfirjevics, Borogyin, nl:Aleksander, Borodin, ja:アレクサンドル,ボロディン, ro:Alexandr Porfirievici, Borodin, ru:Александр Порфирьевич, Бородин, sk:Alexandr Porfirievič, Borodin, sl:Aleksander, Borodin, sr:Александар Порфирјевич, Бородин, uk:Олександр Порфирійович, Бородін, zh:亞歷山大,鮑羅丁