Ian Diuyan


Ian Mambulao Diuyan (1994-present) is a neoclassisist,essayist,pianist and author-junior economist that is a great innovation of academic world and his strategies bought much recognition inside and outside the virtual world.As a college student, he represents the name of his entity with full confidence and precised reputation and personality that makes him more manageable to be with.His multi-faceted representation of self-courage to provide sense of leadership to those persons of the future recognized him for his unbeatable delicacy in step-up a new generative youth.He is now spend his spare time for love affairs and study chores.He also believes in prayer power and strong faith in educational perception for it will holds the ability to confide the ways of life.
Life Beyond Success
Ian is fourth to the fifth of his parents, Eldegira Mambulao Diuyan and Absalom Cortes,seen his first light on 12th day of December, 1994. As a Guadalupean devotee, he is the comptroller of being religious in the family,even at his young age.He is the family's hope,as always expected to him.At the age of three, he already learned alphabet without a teacher.He studied elementary at Carlos P. Garcia Elementary School, receiving over 50 medals at that time and garnered 90.25% at his last year,bringing him to first step of success as Valedictorian.He also actively participated in quiz bowl,he almost entered to the National Quiz Ball representative at 1st District of Davao City.He also recieved Loyalty Award and Leadership Award,a real proof of his unedifying dignity in taking others to lead.He entered his secondary life at Holy Cross of Agdao to a higher deformation of success and enthrallment,He is the 4th Placer in 4th year level garnered a grade of 2.160 and Excellence in Economics Grade of 1.8 G.P.I.He also received numerous certificates and awards for his distinction at school standards accountability.

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