George Gershwin


George Jacob Gershwin (/ˈɡɜːrʃ.wɪn/; September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937) was an American composer and pianist. Gershwin's compositions spanned both popular and classical genres, and his most popular melodies are widely known. Among his best-known works are the orchestral compositions Rhapsody in Blue (1924) and An American in Paris (1928) as well as the opera Porgy and Bess (1935).
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ar:جورج غيرشوين, be:Джордж Гершвін, bg:Джордж Гершуин, el:Τζορτζ, Γκέρσουιν, fa:جورج گرشوین, fy:Georg Gershwin, ko:조지 거슈윈, hy:Ջորջ Գերշվին, he:ג'ורג' גרשווין, ka:ჯორჯ გერშვინი, la:Georgius Gershwin, lv:Džordžs Gēršvins, mk:Џорџ Гершвин, ja:ジョージ・ガーシュウィン, ru:Джордж, Гершвин, sr:Џорџ Гершвин, th:จอร์จ เกิร์ชวิน, uk:Джордж Гершвін, zh:乔治,格什温