Bruno Martin Maiello


Bruno Maiello, is a Latin American composer of Argentine origin, born in 1978. Beginning with the most curious, it is not only his prolific and varied compositional ability. But he has achieved it in an AUTODIDACTIC way !!!. According to testimonies he has learned with the classic tools of listening and observing. But also mixing modern tools like computing, rhythm machines and theory books according to what was needed. His musical work to date can be divided into two sections: The first one destined to Hispanic America with more than 150 official songs and another 100 totally unpublished. And the second part, which is his instrumental work that has already surpassed the dozen works. In which the predominant instrument is the piano. Aimed at musical education for children and young people from countries in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. In which Maiello has composed beautiful pieces like Mom Alice, Sara and the orchestra orchestrated Bony-Bony among others.
From the year 2017 onwards Maiello is committed to compose for the subsequent edition of her works really beautiful pieces such as: The tango "TANO", the piece for saxophone and jazz-band "The dreamer", a new piano suites like "A Winter Sunday in Prague ",
"The Snail's Journey","Lady in the Night ", and a string quartet with the name "Sea air ", among others.
Surely these works begin in an educational plan and end up being classics of the new contemporary instrumental music. For its melodic richness and emotional depth in its different performances.

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