Himno Nacional de la República de Colombia

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The "National Anthem of the Republic of Colombia" is the official name of the national anthem of Colombia. It is largely the creation of José Domingo Torres, an actor from Bogotá, who took a poem written by former Colombian president Rafael Núñez and asked a friend, Italian opera singer Oreste Sindici who migrated to Colombia, to set it to music.
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Other titles

Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!, Colombian National Anthem, anthem:co, en:National Anthem of Colombia, et:Oh gloria immarcesible, el:Oh gloria inmarcesible, es:Himno nacional de Colombia, eo:Nacia Himno de Kolombio, eu:Kolonbiako Errepublikako ereserki nazionala, fr:Hymne national de la Colombie, gd:Laoidh Nàiseanta Choloimbia, ko:콜롬비아의 국가, it:Inno nazionale della Colombia, jv:Oh Gloria inmarcesible, lt:Kolumbijos himnas, nl:Oh Gloria Inmarcesible, ja:コロンビアの国歌, no:Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!, pl:Hymn Kolumbii, ro:¡Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!, ru:Гимн Колумбии, fi:Kolumbian kansallislaulu, sv:Colombias nationalsång, th:เพลงชาติสาธารณรัฐโคลอมเบีย, tg:Суруди миллии Колумбия